Ornamental grasses.

In the modern landscape design are increasingly used ornamental grasses. Ornamental cereals are able to give your garden a unique charm. They can grow in the summer heat and winter frosts. Many designers prefer to use ornamental grasses in conjunction with flowers, herbs and other plants.

The simplicity and unpretentiousness of ornamental grasses is their advantage. Basically they like places where the sunlight is in excess. With regard to soil moisture, they are equally easy to tolerate lack of moisture and its large amount, only when the soil has good water permeability.

Popular plants for the garden are different types of Miscanthus – M. sinensis, M. sacchariflorus, M. purpurascens. Spikelets of this high plant may be of different colors – pink, grey or golden. It must be remembered that for the proper development, Miscanthus requires a sufficient amount of light and water. With proper care, they grow up to two meters.

If you want to make changes in your garden as soon as possible – you can plant the Pennisetum. This Asian plant has outlandish spikelets which resemble small brushes. Variety of Pennisetums allows you to select the different variants of garden design. Some Pennisetums have a small height (P. villosum, P. longistylum or P. orientale), while others can grow up to 1.5 meters. Colors of spikelets of various types of Pennisetums are very diverse: from vinous to dark purple (P. glaucum). As for the resistance to cold, there are Pennisetums, which can endure it fairly easily (P. alopecuroides).

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